Custom Software Development Services

Looking for custom software development services either to build your own software or web products or building custom software for your clients? Hire CompIndia to develop custom web or desktop applications at fraction of the cost you would spend developing the same in the USA.

Many enterprises are on the rush to address the specific needs of their customers using custom software development to enhance efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and generate significant return on the technology investment. If you don't hurry up, chances are you'll remain dormant against your competitors who are seriously catching the benefits of custom software development to suit their unique business requirements. Whether you need a dynamic, database-driven website or a particular shopping cart that can help your potential customer in a distinctive way or other advanced special needs, you can easily rely on CompIndia's custom software development that can get you exactly what you need to do your business more exclusively.

We offer low-risk, high-value custom software solutions that fit to your specific business needs. We understand that every customer has varied business needs and that each need should be handled with greater care in order to facilitate you to reduce overall workload and minimize risks while distinguishing you from your competition.

Offshore Development Team

Big companies like IBM, Cisco and Microsoft have built their offshore development teams in India. If you are small to medium sized business, it could be a big hassle to have your own offshore development center. Are you feeling left out? Now you don’t need to be. Whether you need a single full-time offshore programmer or dozens of them, CompIndia, Inc can offer you a talented dedicated team with short deadlines. We take care of providing you offshore programmer(s), office space, infrastructure, Broadband Internet, hardware and basic software at low all-inclusive affordable prices.

Why you want dedicated offshore programmer?
  • No risk of recruiting permanent staff and paying salaries and overhead charges
  • No risk of paying bonuses, benefits such as paid leave, sick leave, advance salary, insurance, compensation package, etc. as associated
with regular staff
  • No risk of training newly-recruit or the existing staff
  • No risk of buying and maintaining additional infrastructure
The following are the quick facts of our full-time offshore programmer(s):
  • Diverse manpower with proper IT experience and skill-sets
  • Effective communication tools and techniques
  • Appropriate technology expertise
  • Appetite to learn latest technologies and methodologies
  • Cost-effective
  • Good hardware / infrastructure facility