Praveen Narra

Praveen Narra is a serial entrepreneur, author, and international speaker. Praveen Narra is Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Indyzen Inc. In his 13 year tenure as CEO of the company, Mr. Narra has lead his team of engineers to successfully complete more than 1200 projects in Software, Web and Mobile platforms. Some of the companies that trusted their software development needs to Praveen Narra's companies include Small & Medium sized Businesses, Startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, as well as world renowned business leaders such as Tony Robbins. Mr. Narra is passionate about delivering exceptionally great value for his customers' software development Investment.

Praveen Narra is also Technology Director at Nexus Global's India chapter. Nexus Global is a movement of 2000+ young investors, social entrepreneurs and allies who work to increase and improve philanthropy and social impact investing. Nexus's members are under the age of 40, spanning from 60 countries with a combined wealth of over $200 billion in investible assets. Members include royalty from the EU to Asia, and families such as the Rockefeller's, Kluge's, Bronfman's, Pew's etc... as well as young movement leaders and entrepreneurs.

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